“The Cuba Writers Program was everything I thought it would be and more. Tim and Alden put so much thought into all the activities we did, and there were plenty of surprises along the way. I learned so much about Cuba, writing, and myself on this trip.” Meaghan McDonough, Massachusetts

“Seeing Cuba through the lens of the Cuba Writers Program was nothing short of a revelation. The itinerary was incredibly well plotted, starting on the first full day with an overview of Old Havana’s cobbled streets, then dipping into the political, cultural and literary with the lectures, workshops, and visits to artists’ studios, art and music schools, and so much more. It was a wonderful balance of a wide view and close up, and I left feeling like I started to get to know Cuba in a way I never would have without such careful plotting. Thank you Tim and Alden for so generously providing your knowledge and spirit over an incredibly rich and inspiring 8 days!” Jean Victor, California

“The Cuba Writers Program, with its agenda and surprises, blew me away. The itinerary was fantastic—there’s almost nothing that doesn’t add in a significant way. Tim’s lectures and Alden’s workshops were great—I learned so much in each.” Gwen Kordonowy, Massachusetts

“Loved, loved, loved this trip! Tim and Alden’s knowledge of and passion for Cuba is contagious (though I already loved Cuba!). The Cuba Writers Program was a blessing. I feel so lucky to have met so many great people on the inaugural trip!” Katrina Woznicki, New York

“The sense for the culture and history of Cuba that I gleaned from this trip has been inspiring. The people on the trip were fantastic and Alden and Tim were great directors for the program. I had a great time seeing Cuba and a fantastic workshop experience with Ann. I felt like I was in good hands the whole time. Thanks so much for a great time.” Travis Portreous, Texas

“The Cuba Writers Program was phenomenal! Took my outside of my box and taught me how to be fluid. Tim, Alden and Ann—you rock!” Traci Currie, Michigan

“The Cuba Writers Program was a wonderful introduction to Cuba. It offered high quality workshops, many extreme highlights, and good chances to hear from knowledgeable Cubans about their experiences.” Susan Kolodny, California

“Our fearless leaders were amazing. Many of the activities were geared towards writing and I loved that. The Cuba Writers Program was incredibly inspiring. I’m so glad I came.” Mary Fielder, Connecticut

“The program was such a special way to experience Cuba for the first time. I appreciated how each day unfolded, and how personal each of our destinations were to our guides. Instead of a cookie cutter tourism trip, we were able to see Cuba through the lens of those who once had to learn as we did, one piece at a time. It was an incredibly humbling way of not only observing, but also interacting with Cuban culture. I am leaving with a belly full of inspiration!” Kavita Shah, Washington